Getting Started on your long postponed endeavors

Think of something that you have been meaning to do for awhile.

A dream, vision, or a plan you’ve been telling others about.  Or perhaps a desire you have been quietly
thinking about in your own mind or mapping out in the privacy of a journal.

What is it that you’ve been postponing in your life?  

Switching careers, starting a family, losing weight, publishing your novel (or song, or poem, or…), starting a business, traveling, improving a character trait in yourself (laziness, anger, lateness…), repairing a relationship, changing the education system or the agriculture industry ….changing the world as a whole (or your world) in some way.

What is it that you have been wanting to achieve?

Say it out loud, share it with a friend, or tell me in the comment below.

Why didn’t you achieve it?  

Oh, I know.  You don’t have enough time! Of course.   
Or not enough money…or skills…or resources…or connections…or energy…Or the timing is all wrong…Yes, it’s the timing!  Or maybe the problem is just you.  You are just too young…or too old.  Or not smart enough, or way too smart for this, or too shy, too outspoken, too impatient, too forgiving….


So many excuses….all infused with so many emotions.

Getting started on anything meaningful can bring on a variety of emotions.   The very beginning.  The first step(s).  The initial action …can feel…well, it can feel..exciting, scary, thrilling, confusing, frustrating, fun, hopeful, hopeless, energizing, exhausting…

It’s easy to start to doubt yourself – and your project overall…

It’s easy to just focus on all these feelings.  And forget about that vision, that goal, that plan which brought them on.

I know this because it’s the way human beings are created.  It’s not unique to you, even though it’s also natural to feel like it is.  We have a voice of negativity that tries to pull us away from our greatness….and this is exactly what it means to have “free will”, to chose to NOT listen to that voice.  

I have been meaning to start this blog, for while.  A mix of emotions came up each time I even thought about it…excitement and nervousness, clarity and confusion, readiness and doubt.

“I can’t wait to write again, I have so much to share” was abruptly interrupted by “just wait another year when the baby goes to daycare”, cheered on by “you can write part time” again confused by “you have so many flaws….what gives you the authority to teach others.”

So what do we do when we have a new idea we want to pursue, or at the very least we want to explore?  

We should all do exactly what I am doing here…

Just start.

At the beginning of any endeavor it is helpful to focus only on our own actions.  Not on the results or the goals we are after.  Simply doing SOMETHING is all that’s needed at the beginning. 

No matter how small or insignificant our action is…this small action is all that’s needed to get us in the game.

The way I start a blog is by writing one blog post.

The way you start your health journey is by eating a healthy meal.

The way you begin to repair a relationship is by saying “I love you” or “I’m sorry”.

Just start by doing something –right now – the best you can – without expecting too much , stressing too much, or over-investing too much money, energy, or time.  Just start.  

We can view it as a “burned pancake” – the very first one, that gets burned – but it’s not a terrible or upsetting thing – because it warms up the pan for all the other pancakes we are about to “fry”…and when we let go of our expectation for the first one to be perfect, we give ourselves permission to begin.

So this is my burned pancake.  This post right now.

I started my new blog!



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